The “Less is More” simplicity of Gigi Mills

When the original fine works of Gigi Mills first arrived at Gallery Orange I was amazed at they drew the crowds in off the streets immediately. From people unknown to Gigi’s works to existing collectors from all around the US that were thrilled her works were now represented in New Orleans.

Gigi Mills’ works are all about “less is more” approach to design. It is more about what is not being said rather than what is. Composed of earthier neutral tones inspired from Milton Avery, Picasso and Matisse, Gigi leaves out details that keep the observer’s imagination sharp. The artist  has her own fresh style and signature that is uniquely “Gigi Mills” .  “What is the girl doing?” “Who else is in the room?”; all questions that Gigi cleverly leaves us with.

Gigi’s works are perfectly balanced and the forms oftentime simple and childlike. Her human forms are by no means anatomically correct, yet are so perfect compositionally and very pleasing to the eye.  Like Picasso once said “It took me a lifetime to paint like a child”. This approach takes much skill and practice to be able to accomplish perfectly. Gigi Mills is always very critical of her own works, and will destroy or paint over works she feels are not 100% completely perfect.

Gigi Mills was raised in the Mills Brothers Circus to a Russian father and an English mother. Creativity, dedication and hard work were taught at home as part of the daily routine. Qualities necessary and to make it as a fulltime artist in this fiercely competitive world. Gigi would sketch while travelling in hotels and 15 years ago decided she wanted to pursue her dream as of becoming a fulltime artist. Gigi was literally the starving artist to start with, and would sell her works anywhere she could at fairs and flea markets. One day a New York lady with a keen eye walked up and literally bought out her entire stall.

Gigi Mills’ art career has gone from strength to strength since these early days, to become an extremely respected, collected and loved Contemporary artist who shows both Nationally and Internationally.

We are proud to present the fine all original works on paper, book board and panel of Santa Fe based Gigi Mills.

Tracy Gielbert, Gallery Director

Gallery Orange, March 2012