Guus Kemp

Dutch artist Guus Kemp currently lives and works in Houston, Texas.

Dutch artists are known for their unusual use of light. Guus prefers to paint with early morning light. He describes this as the best time of the day as “nothing has yet cluttered your brain, and the light is perfect”. As Guus says: “I want to bring the energy I feel, the dynamics and the brightness of life and colors into my painting. When I paint, I’m fully occupied and I’m not aware what’s going on around me. In a sort of meditation of natural kinetic energy. A painting is great to me when it makes me smile, gives me energy and is appealing to the eye and Soul.

Guus uses thick pure oil with high pigmentation. These oils become almost like living 3-D objects. The “skin” surface is just incredible and is constantly changing until the painting is completely hard dry