Cathy Rose

Cathy Rose

Cathy Rose grew up in Central Florida and now lives and works out of her studio in New Orleans.

Smooth porcelain faces and figures mixed with textured found objects are the signature of Rose’s sculptures. The juxtaposition lends tension and interest to the work and allows for more open interpretation of the emotional content. The work in this exhibit is about transitions and “Beginnings” is a good example.

“You don’t go through things; you grow through them,” Rose says of difficult times.

“I don’t know the direction the work will take, I never seem to know until I’ve found myself on the other side of completing the sculptures,” Rose says of her process. “I begin, which is the hardest, and find my way, which most compelling, to learn the lesson, which is often painful, to realize clarity brought about in no easier way.”

Rose attended the University of Central Florida where she earned her BFA and MFA. Rose has been exhibiting her work since 1994 in premier art fairs around the country.