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Gigi Mills solo show coming this month to a gallery near you !!

“Gallery Orange is proud to announce that we will be hosting a solo show for our dear friend and exquisite artist, Gigi Mills, March 23rd – April 14th, 2013 Mills’ show “The Deep South and Other Stories” will feature ä brand new collection of works on panel and paper  whose subject matter ranges from dreamy scenes… Read more »

Gigi Mills on YouTube

Our very first Gallery Orange YouTube production is about our wonderful Santa Fe based artist Gigi Mills.    

American Art Collector Article. Gigi Mills.

      American Art Collector 61 November 2010 Gigi Mills – Simple Elegance Gigi Mills is inspired by things she hears on the street, visual images she finds around her and an artistic need to simplify objects down to their fundamental shapes and colors. For Mills, her art is an attempt to quiet life… Read more »

More about Gigi Mills

Elizabeth Cook-Romero, writing for the Pasatiempo, notes that “Gigi Mills paints a world in flux.  Like the kaleidoscopic and fleeting manifestations of nature, every color and texture in Mills’ paintings seems as if it could change in the blink of an eye.”  Gigi’s recent sketches, collages, and paintings on panel do bear witness to an… Read more »

The “Less is More” simplicity of Gigi Mills

When the original fine works of Gigi Mills first arrived at Gallery Orange I was amazed at they drew the crowds in off the streets immediately. From people unknown to Gigi’s works to existing collectors from all around the US that were thrilled her works were now represented in New Orleans. Gigi Mills’ works are all… Read more »

What IS “original” art????

So you all get to hear the terms “original art” “giclees” “contemporary art” (pronounced zeeklees), etchings, serigraphs and other words surrounding the art world. What do they really MEAN?? I am about to explain hopefully and put light onto the matter. “Contemporary” to me in my gallery means of TODAY (living artists)  although some say that contemporary… Read more »

Sarah Ashley Longshore and her creative hiatus at the lake

Sarah Ashley Longshore. New Orleans artist.  We all hear her name daily, read about her in blogs and magazines and and see her wonderfully large and colorful works full of creativity and humor. Wow she even has a billboard up in New Orleans right now as part of an International billboard exhibit around the city…. Read more »