sarah ashley longshore

Born Alabama, 1975

Internationally known painter, Sarah Ashley Longshore, is based out of New Orleans, LA. “I wake up every morning completely inspired. A day without painting is not a day worth living. I am an artist! My job is to create and share my perspective of the world!” Sarah Ashley is an extremely popular and fast emerging artist. Loved and respected by her local community and by her every expanding International client database.

Sarah Ashley’s pop expressionist  art works are inspired by Andy Warhol, but Sarah Ashley does not create any kind of prints. All her works are unique hand painted one stroke at a time. Sarah Ashley has the same impact on the world as Jules Cheret had when he wowed the Paris crowds with his large posters. Large blocks of color and sweet imageary with  clean graphic lines that wow the world with their positive and optimistic nature, with a little tongue in cheek humor thrown in for good measure.

Sarah Ashley has been painting for 15 years and has become well know for her humorful and creative depictions of the classic icon “Audrey Hepburn”. Sarah Ashley feels that Audrey Hepburn was loved by both men and women, was a philanthropist, trend setter and wonderful human being. Sarah Ashley’s obsession with Audrey’s beauty compells her to paint her profile in many ways. After 17 years of painting Audrey, Sarah Ashley feels she is only just getting started.

Sarah Ashley Longshore’s work has been featured by Anthropologie on a furniture line and was recently sent to Portugal by the company to hand paint bowls for their newest NYC location in Chelsea Market. Currently, she is working on four new projects for Anthropologie that will all feature her artwork. She also has an impressive celebrity clientele including Vogue cover girls Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, and Blake Lively and Eli Manning, Paul Weitz and Steve Zahn.

Sarah Ashley Longshore is a  local artist with worldwide and timeless appeal. Classy, sassy and FUN !!