Lyle Carbajal

Lyle Carbajal

Lyle Carbajal is a multimedia artist focusing on the social commentary of cultural and economic perception and their implications in contemporary art. His work, which he describes as existing somewhere between the vernacular and contemporary avant garde, has been shown internationally and associated with such organizations as The British Consulate in Los Angeles; Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)-Seattle and Made in New Orleans Television program.

Romancing Banality is his current traveling installation exploring these ideas, in which viewers are fully immersed into the environment of his subjects for a truly distinctive, engaging, multi-sensory experience that challenges perspective and social beliefs.

By inhabiting the city of upcoming exhibitions in advance, Carbajal creates a unique audience experience-a manifestation of experiences, people, attitudes, and perception-which is in a constant state of transformation as it evolves, with each location simultaneously serving as both subject and muse.

Lyle frequently exhibits and is currently represented across the U.S., France and the UK.

He currently spends his time living and working between Houston TX and New Orleans.