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The “Less is More” simplicity of Gigi Mills

When the original fine works of Gigi Mills first arrived at Gallery Orange I was amazed at they drew the crowds in off the streets immediately. From people unknown to Gigi’s works to existing collectors from all around the US that were thrilled her works were now represented in New Orleans. Gigi Mills’ works are all… Read more »

What IS “original” art????

So you all get to hear the terms “original art” “giclees” “contemporary art” (pronounced zeeklees), etchings, serigraphs and other words surrounding the art world. What do they really MEAN?? I am about to explain hopefully and put light onto the matter. “Contemporary” to me in my gallery means of TODAY (living artists)  although some say that contemporary… Read more »

Sarah Ashley Longshore and her creative hiatus at the lake

Sarah Ashley Longshore. New Orleans artist.  We all hear her name daily, read about her in blogs and magazines and and see her wonderfully large and colorful works full of creativity and humor. Wow she even has a billboard up in New Orleans right now as part of an International billboard exhibit around the city…. Read more »