“Storyteller” Solo Show Gretchen Weller Howard

New series of work incorporating and celebrating New Orleans and incorporating music and architecture.
Saturday 19th June 6-7pm a lecture followed by celebratory evening 7-9pm music by her daughters band “The Jenn Howard Band”.

Two Man Show Jill Ricci and Robert Mars

Our fabulous mixed media artists Jill Ricci and Robert Mars from the East Coast (Conneticut and New Jersey) join forces with a presentation of their new works. In the past year, we have witnessed significant changes in both artists works. Jills works contain more figurative elements and Robert’s works have gone more abstracted and textural.
Show runs Friday 2nd April through 16th April 2021

Joseph Bradley Solo Show

Our famous Greenville SC artist Joseph Bradley’s new collection of work (and some golden oldies).
Show runs 19th-31st March 2021.
Email us for details info@gallery-orange.com

Holiday Smalls

Our annual Holiday Smalls show returns December 3rd – 31st




Anna Kincaide’s 2020 solo in NOLA

Gallery Orange is proud to present the fine oils on canvas by Florida artist Anna Kincaide in this upcoming show “Transcending Beauty”. Anna’s work is dedicated to her love of design and couture fashion. Her fictional ladies solicit a plethora of emotional universal responses, regardless of who her viewers are. Saturday, 21st of October 12-7 PM at 819 Royal Street

YOU CAUGHT MY EYE Kurt Pio’s 2020 Solo in NOLA

Gallery Orange is pleased to present Kurt Pio: You Caught My Eye, an exhibition of paintings by Kurt Pio. The exhibition will be on view at Gallery Orange, located at 819 Royal Street, from March 25 – April 8, 2020. The gallery will host an opening reception on Saturday, March 28 from 3 – 6 p.m.



BUDDING EMOTIONS: Anna Kincaide’s Fall Collection

Gallery Orange is pleased to present BLOOMING EMOTIONS an exhibition of oil paintings by Anna Kincaide. The gallery will host an opening, reception on Friday, October 18 from 6-8 PM. Please join us as we toast Anna’s latest collection.

The works of artist Anna Kincaide are a gateway to a world that is at once fantastical and familiar, inspired by fashion, photography, as well as elements of the decorative arts. Juxtaposing control and spontaneous disruption, Kincaide emphasizes the hidden, internal landscape of the figures she portrays.

Kincaide’s references to history and fashion are clear. In her works we are reminded of the extravagant heights of Marie Antoinette’s famous coiffure, which reached greater and greater heights in 18th century France, the iconic headdress of Egyptian queen Nefertiti, the famous French Hood of Anne Boleyn, and the modest Spanish style one of Catherine of Aragon. These powerful women used fashion as a political tool as much as to make a statement.

While Kincaide incorporates this, and numerous other art historical and fashion references in her work such as fashion photography, illustration, as well as the idea of the portrait bust or silhouette, it is the defining separation between the body and mind that creates the central theme in her work. In short, the idea of the ambiguity between our physical bodies, personal identity and that private, internal space of our minds, which expands and unfurls like a flower in bloom. Kincaide presents a world where dreams can become reality, and even surpass it.